Company MNOP is in the parking garage business, and seeks to redefine the higher end of service for their industry.
The vertical application that runs the day to day operations is a dependable yet inflexible piece of software.

– Customers are continually calling asking for personalized updates on billing
– The output from the vertical application is very plain and not at all branding-consistent.
– Customized reports from the vertical application require a good deal of training.

DVG created an electronic invoicing / statement email module that would operate in parallel with the older software. Another database was created which held customer-specific information regarding preferences and the like.

Customers were empowered to sign up for this email service online, and then would receive their statements in a timely fashion on a weekly and/or monthly basis. The statements were branding consistent, and the company could also include specific messages and updates as needed.

The module also empowered the support staff, as they would run custom reports and re-send email items via a friendly interface.

This solution involved .NET, Crystal Reports, PDF generation libraries, and SQL server.

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