Company MNO is in the business of selling European Riverboat tours and other travel adventures to a specific segment of the population.
This company had a legacy AS400 system which is responsible for pricing and booking. This system had no real concept of “marketing information” as it relates to the product offerings.

That type of information was found in the marketing content database. That system was focused on producing and managing direct mail pieces and catalogs.
There was a disconnect between the published marketing materials and the content of the website itself.

DVG created an interface to present real-time pricing and availability information from the AS400 legacy system. DVG also created a database model that would effectively display and manage the appropriate marketing information on a per-product basis. The union of these two allowed for a very flexible and solid design.


The AS400 interface was driven by a commerical package called DatMirror – this software basically re-played the transaction journal from the AS400. DVG wrote SQL stored procedures and triggers which would keep only the salient details in the production web database syncronized.

The core web database was SQL server and the code was .NET

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