Fast casual dining chain in the Greater Boston Metro area had 35 locations served from a central Commissary / Kitchen.

Ordering was done via fax and phone, with special requests being written (and lost) on random pieces of paper.

Consistency was problematic at best, and there was no real means of effectively planning or historical analysis.

Managers are compensated in part based on food costs for their locations, and there would be a long lag between the delivery of the goods and the presentation of the invoice.


DVG worked with both store managers on the front lines as well as the production team at the Commissary to determine best practices for their operation. It was crucial that both end points of the system felt they were getting value from the process.

DVG create a centralized menu / ordering system for the Commissary that solves the following problems:

– menu is now standardized and locations can specify standing orders
– “specials” and other supply dependent items are now presented in a common format
– any custom orders are now bound by rules to have the appropriate detail supplied with the order
– store managers can now see their own food costs in real time, such that they can plan and budget

SQL Server fronted by .NET, Crystal reports and various PDF rendering engines used for specialty output requrirement.

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