Company ABC is in the business of testing devices in the field. These tests were performed, and the results and accompanying signature were recorded on paper.  These results were then later entered into a database.

A very large municipality became a client, but the requirement for landing the account was that everything be made paperless and run on a tablet.

The budget for this project did not allow for the creation of a dedicated mobile app.  Because of the nature of the testing, having a cellular data signal / WIFI signal always present is not an option, so the solution must be able to operate in a disconnected fashion.

DVG created a web-based solution which was optimized for use on a standard tablet and/or cellphone. This included signature capture as well as well as data collection capabilities.  The app was designed to work in a cached fashion, such that it would use local storage to perform all operations – regardless if there was an internet connection or not.

The app was designed in a very modular fashion, such that if a tablet failed in the field, a tester could merely pick another tablet, log in , and proceed with their assignments.

This solution used the app cache functionality which part of the HTML 5 specification, paired with the Chrome browser. Data and images were cached locally and then sent to an IIS server. The server module would then decode the data, inserting the information into the existing custom application.  Signatures and data would could then be displayed either online or bundled as part of a PDF as proof of service delivery and/or for invoicing purposes.  (.NET, SQL server, jQuery, Bootstrap, javascript)

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